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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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month old baby and a child in high school. now we're learning how a relatively small fire could take such a tragic turn. her name was joyce craig lewis. the fire commissioner says he knew her personally and called her a firefighter's firefighter. >> and tonight we're learning new details about why the fire that claimed her life in woest oak lane was so challenging to fire. harry, what you can tell us? >> reporter: well, right now investigators are going over every single detail of what happened earlier this morning, what happened inside that basement that resulted in the death of one of their own. 36-year-old joyce craig lewis help willed to save the life of an elderly woman at this west oak lane home. but craig lewis lost her life while fighting a basement fire just before 3:00 this morning. >> i can tell from you experience that typically a basement fire is a very hot fire
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and the visibility is near or at zero. >> reporter: fire officials say conditions deteriorated quickly and may have resulted in a flashover. investigators tell me that's when every vapor in a room suddenly explodes. >> within seconds, if this occurs in the basement, within seconds the first floor would be in excess of 1,000 degrees. again zero visibility. >> reporter: a commanding officer ordered craig you lewis and her team of three out. but craig lewis never made it. and rescuers efforts just moments after firefighters learned she was missing were too late. investigators say craig lewis made a may day distress call over the radio. the question, did her personal alert system device similar to the one you see here activate? >> it's under investigation. we've collected all of her equipment and part of the process of the investigation is looking at the quilt including her alarm. rur >> reporter: that alert device we showed you that is worn by
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all fchtestifies, firefighters,t up to go off automatically if the firefighter can't move for 20 seconds. >> about 1400 firefighters in the city are men compared to 59 women. those numbers are from the firefighters union. nationwide, there are between 200,000 and 300,000 male firefighters. and 7,000 women. as we learn new information about the fallen firefighter and the investigation into the fire that killed her, we're posting updates on and we'll have a look at her legacy on the news tonight at 11:00. turning now to another big story, the nor'easter and the flooding it caused along the jersey shore. take a look at this video from beach haven. looks like you need a boat to get around here. >> and some people saw snow. this is a live look the campbell back mountain.
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it could bring snow to the north and west. >> and also bringing us windy weather. you can see the flags flapping. not as hard as they were this morning. >> tonight we have live team coverage on this nor'easter. our meteorologists are tracking what happens next. >> but first let's head to ted greenberg. he's live in long beach township. and ted, you've seen flooding all day. >> reporter: and this is 82nd street and we still have high water out here tonight. take a look at that restaurant. it is surrounded by water. and long beach boulevard, the main drag here, it has been flooded since this morning. the water is slowly receding, but it's had a very tough time going down. for most of the day, block after block of long beach boulevard looked like this. after water from the churning
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barnegat bay surged in to streets on long beach island. >> it's a real drag because your cars get beat up and you really complaint get around the way you would normally. so it's tough. >> reporter: lynn came riley found herself stuck in the how else after flooding from the nor'easter left her street waterlogged. >> so this is like really bad. >> reporter: and a flood prone restaurant known for its occasional waterfront dining, this water likely made an entrance. >> probably got a foot in there. >> reporter: low lying streets in atlantic city also filled with water. the flooding trapped this family in their house all more than missing work and school as a result. even before the morning's high tide, massive ocean waves crashed on to the street fueled by wind gusts that topped 55 miles per hour along the jersey coast. >> i didn't realize it was going to be such a big storm. >> reporter: but tonight, we have noticed a shift in the wind
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direction it's blowing toward the ocean, so that should help blow some of the water back out to sea. live in long beach township, ted greenberg, nbc 10. >> so how much rain did we see and when could the snow arrive? >> our live team coverage continues. let's begin with xwlen hurricgl "hurricane" schwartz. >> it takes several factors. we are near a full moon, we had a persistent on shore wind and tremendous amounts of rain. you can see the yellows and reds near the shore, that's the highest amounts. greens indicate less and less as you go to the west. heaviest rain fell toward the shore up to 4 inches of rain in
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some areas. in the philadelphia area, only about 0.66 an inch of rain. just a tremendous difference. and look at this, just across one county, a couple of counties went from near 4 inches to only a half an inch. so the nor'easter not quite big enough this early to spread that heavy moisture in-land. but look at the east wind that we saw this morning. hundreds and hundreds of miles pushing that water right into the coastline. and there has been a good bit of beach erosion, too. now that the center of the storm has moved past, the wind shifts out to the northwest and as ted said, that will prevent the type of flooding that we saw this morning. but it takes a while for the water to go down. the we've had a north wind that kept things even, but the northwest wind will help tomorrow morning.
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now sheena parveen has more. >> and we are watching the changeover happen slowly near the poconos right now. and as we go overnight tonight, tomorrow morning, we'll see more of the changeover north and west. locally, just some light rain falling. temperatures well bhof freezing. as we zoom in, you can see the changeover occurring right away parts of carbon and monroe counties. it is moving in our direction. it's all from the north of our area. it's all on the back end of the nor'easter nor'easter. it will trail in colder air, as to we will see a changeover. temperatures a little bit above freezing as we into in to the overnight hours tonight, but there you see the snow coming in after midnight and by the early morning rush tomorrow. so temperatures near freezing, but some spots could be a little bit above freezing pot morning rush. we do expect this to possibly accumulate on grassy surfaces. it could be a little tricky with temperatures a little before freezing. we don't expect to accumulate on roadways, on paved surfaces even
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through the middle of the day tomorrow. temperatures rising above freezing. that snow still falling, so you will see the snow falling. the question is just going to be how much will we accumulate on the grassy surfaces. glenn has a look at that coming up. stay ahead of any storm with the nbc 10 first alert weather app. you'll get watches and warnings sent strats ight to your phone mobile device. free at a verdict in the murder of a former university of pennsylvania basketball standout. a judge found marsha garcia pallone guilty of voluntary m s manslaughter, but mentally ill. she stabbed her husband to death inside their home. she was starting center on the pen team that made to the final four back in 1979. she went on it play in the nba and in europe. the reward is now up to $65,000 tonight in the search for missing college student
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shane montgomery. montgomery vanished 13 days ago. westchester university student was last seen early thanksgiving morning at a bar. over the week he said, volunteers took their search to lincoln financial field. they passed out leaflets hoping someone in the big crowds might give them new clues. family and friends tell us they are not giving up hope. tonight temple university officials vimi izvimiz izvinyli expand the campus. the project calls for a full city block of green space with a new library and science building. the new library will sit in the heart of the campus. jim creeden said students and staff wanted a new open space for a while now. >> always a lot of conversation here at temple the need for having a little bit more open space. we're in the middle of a very
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large urban area. not a lot of green space for our students. >> he tells us the project should be complete by late 2018. the push to bring businesses to camden got another boost today. the new jersey economic development authority approved $118 million in future tax breaks for subaru to move its u.s. headquarters to the city. and $40 million in breaks for cooper health system to move its nonmedical offices to camden, as well. so far this year, businesses have been granted more than $500 million in similar incentives. new at 6:00, new castle county officials have agreed to pay nearly $90,000 to settle a federal lawsuit filed by a woman who was bitten by a police dog. jordan high land was 32 weeks pregnant at the time of the incident in june of 2012. she said she was bitten after she sat down on a curb to rest. the dog was part partiicipating
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search for two robbery suspects p. what might have been the motive for a fire and how a bottle of link quor led to suspects. sfw sfw . and a warning from police that might have you checking your receipts. first the rain and then snow. the nor'easter's next move.
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new at 6:00, police say the man in this surveillance video stole $1,000 worth of breath pumps. answer it's knot first time. this comes from burlington coat factory. investigators say the man took three breast pumps and got away in a white suv. police believe the same guy stole the same model breast pumps from a another in free hold. also new at 6:00, opener of a popular south jersey pizza shop is in trouble with the law. police say he's beenover charging his customers for months after getting complaints from customers, police went undercover. investigators say the owner had been overcharging customers credit cards just about every day for the past four months. police are now trying to track
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down more potential victims. foiled by a bottle of liquor, a crucial clue that helped them find two men accused of setting churches on fire. >> i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: pastor mothore is overjoyed by the community support he's received of a tease these two guys burned down his healing hands christian church december 2 before moving right on to a couple other churches. a pastor tells me they went to the churches to steal whatever they could find. the damage at the other churches wasn't as serious. >> i forgive them. and if they was needing money, and hungry, i will feed them. if they need help, which they do, i'm always available. >> reporter: police say during their spree, they broke into this church, as well. the state fire marshal's office
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says while yes these guys did target churches, they believe it really had nothing to do with the people who attend them. >> no, no race or no religion hatred, nothing against the churches. >> reporter: the state fire marshal's office won't give us too many details, but court documents show investigators found a liquor bottle the guys left behind. they tracked it back to the store. pastor moore is looking at sites for a new church and his doors will again be open even to the guys charged with burning down the old one. >> we're in the business of calling people out of the dark in to the white. jesus is the light. so that's my purpose is to get souls saved. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. we're preparing for the arrival of pope francis for the world meeting of families next year and tonight we get word that all schools in the archdiocese will close during the pontiff's visit. catholic leaders will close all schools from september 23 to 25 so they will have a chance to
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take part. more than a million from all over the world are expected to visit philadelphia for the event which runs from september 22nd through the 27th. slow moving nor'easter has a number of different phases. the phase tonight is the rain changing over to snow. at least in parts of the area. mainly north and west is where the snow will fall. and especially during the day wednesday and possible icy spots wednesday night. as temperatures finally go below freezing. the flags still blowing pretty of the same direction. not quite as strong as they were earlier. it's 45 degrees raining in philadelphia. 16-mile-per-hour winds, gusts to 28. so, yeah, it is still pretty windy. 38 degrees for the feels like temperature. and across the area, 39 in quakertown. 41 in reading. doylestown. so well above freezing and even
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above freezing in the poconos. temperatures should not be dropping significantly overnight tonight. at least not to the point where any snow that falls would stick. and that would be helpful for the morning rush, wouldn't it. mid-40s farther to the south. we have that offshore wind now as the storm itself is east of long island. the wind becoming more of a northwest. that's blowing offshore. and that will help prevent the coastal flooding from being such an issue tomorrow morning. you can see how new england is getting pounded. but you can also see this snow in the inland portions of new england starting to come back down. this rain northeast pennsylvania, it starts to fill in blue. that's the change over to snow. and that will be coming straight down through the poconos, lehigh valley, as the night goes on. rain in places like chester and berks county. so we start off with the rain,
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but it eventually starts to mix in. but look at the temperature, stays above freezing as we go you through the night tonight. even if it changes over to snow, that snow would likely melt on the roads. now, as we go into the night tomorrow, that's a different story. here we are during the afternoon. well above freezing. and then tomorrow night, we're dropping below freezing and that's when things could get a little bit slippery. here is one of the latest computer models showing the greatest amount of snow in the poconos of course, but also some accumulation this lehigh valley and perhaps down to parts of berks county, upper montgomery, upper bucks and upper chester counties. for tonight, rain still pretty windy and the rain change to go snow especially north and west. and temperatures staying above freezing leading to that snow melting for the most part. rain changing to snow across much of the area tomorrow. windy and cold, high temperatures only in the upper
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30s. wind gusts to 25 miles per hour. the average high 47, right? thursday's high 37. with wind and snow showers. then it's still cold friday and saturday. by sunday, not quite as cold, plus it's dry for the eagles game and then we get a little milder early next week. a bird known to spend time in new jersey is now on the federal threatened species list. it's called the red knot and it could soon face extinction. today it was ruled no one can hurt, hunt or kill the red knot without a license. new jersey already ruled the bird endangered in 2012. the red knot my greats oig between south america and the arctic every year. how do the eagles respond to the seahawks trash talk is this we'll hear from the birds. cam newton is in a car accident. we'll tell you how he's doing.
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i'm john clark. eagle back at practice today. moving on to the cowboys sunday night. and the birds have won 9 of their last 10 games against the cowboys in december. of course seattle star quarterback richard sherman was talking a lot of trash becomiabe eagles. jeremy maclin says that's what sherman does all the time and he's for getting about it. >> we got whooped. it's that simple. we don't doubt ourselves for one minute, we don't gopn't doubt t
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capability or talent that we have. >> more trash talk, michael bennett said mark sanchez was trying to impersonate a good quarterback. mark omg had 96 yards pass. he's not worried about bennett's comments. >> i never really had any other interaction with him other than the other night. so i guess he just doesn't like me. i don't know. but it's already tuesday. we're moved on and i think we're poised and ready to go for dallas and we need to have a good week of training. >> they are focused. cam newton has two fractures in his lower back just like tony romo, but this is from a car accident. cam got into an accident near the panthers facility. his truck flipped over a few times. really looked like could have been worse. the team says is he in fair condition and could be released tomorrow. there is a picture from it. wow. flyers hope to win two straight for the first time in over a month. they're in columbus tonight.
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phillies are listen to go trade offers for cole hamels and they could heat up later today when jon lester signs with the team. ryne sandberg says it has to be a big offer for cole. >> it all depends what you get back. so cole hamels, there is an asking price there that would be a wow factor to it. could be an important piece going forward this year. >> and lebron james may have broken protocol last night meeting the royals. prince william and kate middleton were watching king james play new york last night when lebron met them after, he put his arm around kate. and that is apparently a no-no in royal culture. did not know that. thanks for the tip. i'm john clark.
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it's cold for the rest of the week. that's for sure. and kind of windy. some rain changing to snow especially for the poconos and north and west. temperatures above freezing
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tonight. >> for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. >> news continues now with "nightly news". on our broadcast tonight, secrets and lies. the blockbuster report on torture blows the lid off some gruesome cia tactics post 9/11, far more brute an than we knew, but did they make us any safer r tonight president bush's cia director tells us it wasn't torture. a chilling moment of crisis caught on video as police officers confront an armed attacker inside a house of worship. flood threat. two big storm systems at both ends of our country. one of them being called a once in a decade occurrence. and frightening crash. an nfl star quarterback involved in a terrible rollover on the road. we'll have the latest on his condition. "nightly news" begins now.


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